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tens machine china 2015 new product physical therapy apparatus lower back pain massage machine tens machine China

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Product Details


tens machine china 2015 new product physical

therapy apparatus lower back pain massage machine tens machine China


1. 2 channels for foot massage 

2. Big LCD display,blue backlight 

3. With voice,10 modes

4.English,Russian and Turkish version is available

What benefit you can get from the tens machine?


1. Massages multiple reflex areas at the same time

2. Balances physiology, cleans meridian and promotes blood circulation

3. Eases ache reflected on the thenars from cervical spondylosis, periarthritis, arthritis, and lumbar muscle strain 

4. Relieves numbness and fatigue of feet and legs

5. Improves insomnia and strengthens digestive system


Features of our tens machine

2 groups of outputs bioelectrical puls

Big LCD display,blue backlight

Intelligence voice treatment guide

Can set the treatment time

10 therapy modes for selection (press,knead,vibrate,thump,slimming,waist, shoulder,                 

 feet, joint ,legs and back)

Different automatic Treatment process is set according to the specific characteristics of your shoulder, waist, joint, hand & foot, and leg. Which makes for effective therapy.


Can set the treatment time

10 therapy modes for selection (press,knead,vibrate,thump,slimming,waist, shoulder,                 

 feet, joint ,legs and back)

Vibrate Gives a feeling of deep vibration for painful Joints 


Kneading Gives a Massage effect to the Painful area (Amazing on the back) 


Tapping is a system of Electronicly tapping on energy meridiansis, a fast and easy way to deal with trauma and pain 


Press firm pressure effect done Electronicaly to the Painful Area (great for the neck and Shoulder muscles )


Use electricity or batteries to work,Completely Portable

Therapy principle


Low Frequency Massager Slippers do the Foot sole therapy

Foot sole therapy has a long history in traditional Chinese medical science.


After long-time clinical practice,numerous miraculous effects were found.By stimulating a specific acupuncture point the foot sole corresponding organ or viscera would be activated,the body function could be improved,and many viscera disease can ba cured,and it is a effective way to keep longevity.


There are 35 acupoint on our foot sole.Foot therapy enforces the organism function by focusing massager on those acupoint of the feet.For example,the (Kidney) 22nd acupoint corresponds for nephropathy and hypertension.If you place our pads on your feet palm for 15-25 minutes,patient’s ailment will be alleviated immediately.

Features of our tens machine



Technical Parameter

Specified voltage: DC 6V 



Output voltage:30,120 

Ambient temperature scope:-10-+40°c


Intermediate frequency pulse frequency:1-2KHz

Low frequency pulse frequency:0.1-200Hz

Packing Details



Packing way : Color box, outside carton

Box Size/Gross weight: 29*12*19 cm,0.8 kg

Carton size/Gross weight: 61*31*75cm,  19 kg

Packing quantity: 20 sets /Carton, 3858sets/20 " container

One set what you will get?

manual × 1 copy

adapter ×1 piece 

small bag ×1 piece 

color box × 1 box          

electrode pads ×2 pairs

Plastic plate×1 pair

massage slippers  × 1 pair

two-pin wire ×1 piece

four-pin wire ×1 piece

Why choose us ?


1.Professional Manufacturer for 20 years with advanced facility.
2.Quality and reputations are our Symbol.
3.OEM is welcome.
4.Fast service and on-time delievery
5.Sample is available.

6.Factory price.

       Welcome to make a field inspection of our factory


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