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TENs Massager Massage Slipper Acupuncture Shoes

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Product Details

TENs massager massage slipper acupuncture shoes 




What benefit you can get from the massage slipper acupuncture shoes?


You can adjustable foot imbalance in the human body, improve blood circulation, ease the hardship of acid, numbness, and the central nervous and endocrine regulation, high, low blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, neurasthenia, menopause syndrome,arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, and so have the Significance of the role of treatment and health care.


How does massage slipper acupuncture shoes works?

It need to link with the TENs massager or digital therapy massager to work.





What is the Treatment principle of massage slipper acupuncture shoes?

Medical use of silicone foot by one design, there are four upper-heng magnetic grains, when access to treatment Huakang instrument electrical pulse output (for shoes every three jack), pulsed electric field of biological and static magnetic field of energy complex Directly to stimulate acupuncture points of human foot. Chinese medicine practitioners who believe that the 36 foot Point, the focus of human internal organs with the reflection and the reflection area of the brain and organs and organ closely linked: there are six meridian involved enough, the foot can be treated to the whole body.



Massage slipper acupuncture shoes scope of application  


The high, low blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, neurasthenia, menopause syndrome, arteriosclerosis, cerebral thrombosis, etc.




Symptomatic selection of water-soluble drug stores to sell wine.




Usage for massage slipper acupuncture shoes

Treatment of foot to use


1. according to the equipment ready earlier. 

2. moist cotton drugs soles of the feet.

3. two-foot to foot in a pair of shoes on.

4. open the power supply equipment, according to the normal operation of the output transfer large knob, to be able to afford appropriate. Patients with both feet at this time there is Ma, and up the feeling of massage, biological waves through the soles of the feet and legs meridian acupuncture points through the body, adjust the balance of yin and yang of the viscera organs to medical care.


Foot spa use


1. to prepare the appropriate size of the two pots of insulation in the basin of the two moderate SHENG into the water to wet to the ankle is appropriate. 

2. in the hot water by adding one or two medicinal liquor, Jiaoyun.

3. the spa will be big shoes foot or on-chip electrodes placed in the bottom of the washbasin.

4. feet soaking in natural hot water, the soles of the feet trampling live two electrode plates or black shoes on.

5. according to the boot process electrodes inserted good outlet to open the power supply equipment.

6. transfer large output knob, to be able to bear the appropriate patients.


Spa hours 15 minutes to half an hour to fit through the spa, bio-medicine and wave at the same time in the role of the human foot, and promote blood circulation and absorption of drugs, with clear foot between the organs meridian, drive out the pain. For insomnia, high blood pressure, neurasthenia, and so there are a variety of diseases or the treatment of the role of health care.


Packing Details


Packing way : Plastic bag, outside carton

Carton size/Gross weight: 63*34*47cm 30kg


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