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How to strengthen spleen?Depend on three set acupoints


Guide:The weak spleen would cause disorders of its transportation, and nutritional disorders may appear, or the occurrence of bleeding embolism.What the means is that the people who has weak spleen are often malnourished, humid, and is easy to  be bleeding. So the solution is Spleen conditioning.How to strengthen spleen? ......
        "Four magical soup" is a Chinese classic prescription, consisting of ginseng, Poria, licorice and bighead atractylodes rhizome.
         Good medicine tastes bitter and can do good effect, but the job does not have to take medicine. In the body, we have a set acupoints,which iust can play a similar effect like"four magical soup".
         Corresponding to a combination of massage acupuncture acupoints can improve the spleen and stomach, eliminate indigestion, etc.

There are three set massage acupuncture acupoints we can follow :
1. With drinking ginseng soup,massage Sea Air acpoint which locate  under next two fingers of the navel. Rapid movement with the hand palm in a area of acupoint, lettingt the heat seeps.it will do a great effect on spleen and stomach.
2.With drinking Poria soup,corresponding to the Feet sanli acupoint and Yinlingquan acupoint,can use rubbing method.It will also improve spleen and reduce humid.
3.With drinking Licorice soup, corresponding massage is " four open": Huigu acupoint upon handsTaichong Point upon feet, until you can feel a clear sense of soreness .

Using with  our cupping products, you would get more unexpected effect.

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