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Hot sell 400 mg/h ozone generator Vegetable purifier for household

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Product Details

             Hot sell 400 mg/h ozone generator Vegetable purifier for household




1.Oxidizes and dissolves impure substances in the water .

2.Disinfects various bacteria cholera with pure ozone and cleans the water. 

3.Dissolves residual agricultural chemicals of fruits and vegetables

4.Dissolves by oxidizing and disinfects bacteria such as colon bacillus, vibrio,   O-157, staphylococcus, salmonella and pseudomonas aeruginosa which enable to eat safety

5.It is environment-friendly advanced digital product without secondary pollutant 



 Scope of application 


1.Disinfect the vegetable ,fruit and meat to remove the pesticide.

2.Water purification.

3.Clothes Washing.

4.Indoor deodorization .

5.Disinfecting tableware.

6.Application for skin caring.

ozone generator 400mg/h



400 mg/h ozone generator  works like this


 Principle of 400 mg/h ozone generator 


1.The product generate ozone gas with strong oxidation,catalytic action ..Virus and bacteria in the ozone gas due to the multiple roles of free radicals,the protein dissociation degeneration, nucleic acid and enzyme activity decreased.Thus, has the disinfection and sterilization, odor removal effect.


2.Ozone is broad-spectrum sterilization, on various bacteria and virus has strong killing effect.


3.Ozone together with carbon dioxide,formaldehyde, xylene and other toxic gas can occur degradation, oxidation and other complex physical and chemical reaction,and the by product is non-toxic harmless, can avoid the two pollution.


Features of our ozone generator you will get


1. Use the principle of thunder stroke producing ozone,and the machine will take the air as the material to produce ozone by creating high frequency electricity power voltage.

2. PVC tube,which is against oxidation

3. E structure air pump which is stable and has long lifetime

4. Epoxy resin ,

5. ABS industrial plastic,smooth

6. CE & RoHS approval 

7.Specified Voltage:AC220 V

8.Power: 15W/18W

9.Ozone output value:400mg/h

10.Digital display

11.Activities power cord

ozone generator 400mg/h 




One set including

Aeration stone   * 4 pcs

Screw & fisher  * 2 sets

Remote control  * 1 pc

Power cord         * 1 pc

Tube                  * 2 pcs

Manual               * 1 copy

Color box           * 1 set

 ozone generator 400mg/h


Packing Details


Packing way : color box, outside carton

Box Size/Gross weight: 39.4*32.8*13.7cm,  1.91kgs

Carton size/Gross weight: 72*43*70cm, 21 kgs

Packing quantity: 10 sets /Carton, 1330 sets/20 “container

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Why choose us ?


1.Professional Manufacturer for 23 years with advanced facility.
2.Quality and reputations are our Symbol.
3.OEM is welcome.
4.Fast service and on-time delievery
5.Sample is available.
6.Factory price.

Welcome to make a field inspection of our factory

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