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Digital Therapy Electronic Pulse Massager For Back Pain

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Product Details

Digital therapy Electronic pulse massager for back pain





What benefit you can get from the Electronic pulse massager?


1.Pain relief (sore muscles, joint aches, back pains)

2.Muscle relaxation (stiff muscles)

3.Recovery after injuries (car accidents, sport injuries)

4.Blood circulation stimulation

5.Muscle toning etc.


Basic theory of our Electronic pulse massager


1.Bioelectrical therapy

2.Acupuncture and massage

3.Far infra-red thermotherapy

4.Medication(Medical Liquor therapy)

5.Foot sole therapy



Features of our physical therapy equipment used


2 groups of outputs bioelectrical pulses  

2 groups of outputs infrared heating therapy 

8 treatment modes for selection 

Color indicating light display


How does Electronic pulse massager works?


 2 outputs for bioelectrical pulses   


Bioelectrical pulses, can use following accessories


A.Electrode pads





B. Low Frequency Massager Slippers do the Foot sole therapy



Foot sole therapy has a long history in traditional Chinese medical science.

After long-time clinical practice,numerous miraculous effects were found.By stimulating a specific acupuncture point the foot sole corresponding organ or viscera would be activated,the body function could be improved,and many viscera disease can ba cured,and it is a effective way to keep longevity.

There are 35 acupoint on our foot sole.Foot therapy enforces the organism function by focusing massager on those acupoint of the feet.For example,the (Kidney) 22nd acupoint corresponds for nephropathy and hypertension.If you place our pads on your feet palm for 15-25 minutes,patient’s ailment will be alleviated immediately.


C. Drug electrode 


Drug electrode combines with drug treatment(it is better use Traditional Chinese medicine liquor), there are changeable biological waves between the two electrodes,which can make the pores open, this allows the drug to enter into the system directly, also the device is supplied with a 60C heating belt, to help speed up the movement of the molecules in cells, which can also help


※2 outputs for infrared heating therapy 


Infrared thermo therapy belt used to reduce your pain 



Treatment principle 


During the treatment of applied thermo therapeutic belt,its temperature can be maintain within 38-58℃ meanwhile the emitted far-infrared radiation wavelength is 8-10.65μm,which is similar to the radiation wavelength of human surface(9.6μm) and is consequently easily absorbed by human body.This heating function can improve the local blood circulation,accelerate the exudate absorption and detumescence,smooth muscle tone and produce abirritation to the pain cause by variety of reasons.


Infrared thermo therapy belt combines with drug electrode can got better treatment.That is TENS function and far infrared combines with drug treatment, there are changeable biological waves between the two electrodes,which can make the pores open, this allows the drug to enter into the system directly, also the device is supplied with a 60C heating belt, to help speed up the movement of the molecules in cells, which can also help




Electronic pulse massager scope of application  


Rheumatoid arthritis, muscle aging, stiff neck, tenosynovitis numb hands and feet, periarthritis of shoulder, cervical spondylopathy ,stain of lumbar muscles ,

Breast shaping and keep fit of shoulders,arms,back,waist,leg,belly,



Therapy principle For Electronic pulse massager


According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, diseases are caused by block of meridian channels in the body. "Block causes pain; no block, no pain." The human body is just like a river. If the river course is blocked, it will flood over. If it is cleared, it will run smoothly.And to treat the block,you need to treat the blood circulation first.Our products will use the electrotherapy(TENS ),infrared heat therapy to open blockings in meridian channels in the human body. By stimulating the acupuncture points on the body, a treatment can be given.




 Technical Parameter


Specified voltage:AC220v/50Hz


Output voltage:50-100Vp-p

Intermediate frequency pulse frequency:1k-5KHz

Low frequency pulse frequency:0.1-500Hz

Ambient temperature scope:-10-+40°c


Packing Details


Packing way : Color box, outside carton

Box Size/Gross weight: 31*29*11cm, 2.6 kgs

Carton size/Gross weight: 33*63*58cm,  25 kgs

Packing quantity: 10 sets /Carton, 2,250 sets/20 " container


One set what you will get?


manual   × 1 copy

color box  × 1 box 

drug electrode  ×1 set         

electrode pads  ×1 pair

massage slippers  × 1 pair

infrared heating belt   ×1 set

two-pin wire3.5mm× 1piece



Accessories placement



Packing box 




Feedback of our customers








Why choose us ?


1.Professional Manufacturer for 20 years with advanced facility.
2.Quality and reputations are our Symbol.
3.OEM is welcome.
4.Fast service and on-time delievery
5.Sample is available.
6.Factory price.

Welcome to make a field inspection of our factory

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