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Chinese vacuum electric cupping device

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Product Details

                                              Chinese vacuum electric cupping device



vacuum cupping machine

1 vacuum absorption 
2.acupuncture theory cupping set
3 eliminating diseases


What benefit you can get from the vacuum cupping machine?


The vacuum cupping machine  replaced the traditional-type air evacuation techniqure with vacuum air bleed technique,which make the cupping apparatus absorb on body surface acupoints to cause acontraflusion or slight blood sludging so as to facilitate smoothness of flows in channels and collaterals,promote blood circulation,pull out diseases such as wind,cold,humid,hot and poison ect.It is also effective for relieving pain reducing swelling.



What is the Scope of application ?


A.Medical diseases

B.Bone surgery diseases 

C.Gynaecology diseases

D.Pediatric diseases

E.Skin diseases

F.Diseases in five-sense-organs





The diam of the single cups: 






Cup number         Outer diam              Inner diam




C1                 6.9cm                       5.9cm




C2                 6.1cm                       5.1cm




C3                 5.3cm                        4.3cm




C4                4.5cm                        3.7cm




C5                3.4cm                      2.8cm




C6                3.0cm                      2.3cm







1.Retention of the cups:after the cup is sucked on the skin the cup is kept in place about 10minutes,children :about 3 minutes,girl: about 5 minutes,woman:about 7 minutes to induce stagnant state of the local skin,then the cup is removed.CUpping has a long time on a severe case,a focal depth and a severe pain,the flat skin where the muscle is thick,in winter.cupping has a short time on focal furface ,and a paralytic disease,in summer,the skin whrer the muscle is thin,This is the commonest method applicable for any ordinary diseases.


2.Sliding cupping,it exerts two effectss,i.e.cupping and Guasha(scraping).Before cupping,place proper amout of lubricant on the skin,suck the cup to the skin,pull the cup back and forth along the course of a meridian or along a selected line until bruise is formed,then remove the cup.This method is ususlly applied at a wide flat area where the muscle is thick.When sliding cupping is applied,pay attention to the negative pressure of the cupping which may be adjust in accordance with the constitution of the patient as well as the individual endurance to pain.


3.Flash cupping:suck the cup to the skin,immediate remove the cup off the slin,then suck the cup again,repeat the procedure until the treated skin becauses red,This method is often applied on unevenarea where the sucked cup tends to fall off or on facial area where ecchymosis is not desirable.



What you will get for one set?


cups                            18pcs

big gun                        1piece

manual                         1copy

colour box                   1 piece

 18 pcs packing box.jpg

Do you already have a  hijama cupping set  at home? Well the HKG-18 hijama  is different. massage cup are designed strictly to treat pain & massage, that's all!







What certificate we have ?

  Besides 12 pcs cupping hijama ,we also can offer you 6 pcs 24 pcs,16 pcs and 18 pcs,single hijama cupping therapy  and single gun


Cupping set brochure outside pageCupping set brochure inside page


Why choose us ?


1.Professional Manufacturer for 21 years with advanced facility.
2.Quality and reputations are our Symbol.
3.OEM is welcome.
4.Fast service and on-time delievery
5.Sample is available.
6.Factory price.

7. We are alibaba Trade Assurance member.


                                Welcome to make a field inspection of our factory



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